Anticipate the future: this is the formula that characterises our teaching method. A serious school open to innovation with strong roots in our cultural tradition, that is attentive to the problems of everyone and ready to listen.

We are a Catholic-oriented secular school that wishes to offer its students a mixed environment, as they will encounter in the social context.

We are convinced that the independence of educational institutes is a necessary condition for the effective exercise of freedom, pluralism of education and schooling as established by the Constitution. We strive to ensure that the application of independence offers the students a valid service based on the primacy of the person and at the same time provides them with a civic education so that they become free, mature, honest and responsible citizens, with their own critical capacity.

Our history

Our school has a history and experience of 70 years. It was founded in 1947 in Milan and immediately became an influential point of reference in view of the educational proposals that anticipated the needs of modern culture.

Between 1970 and 1990 the school organised the educational offer establishing the bilingual Italian/English elementary school, middle school with two foreign languages and the innovative European High School. In 2000 it became a State recognised private school with ISO 9001 quality certification and opened a second school in via Arena for kindergarten and first and second grades of primary.

From 2010 the school began the process of internationalisation of the European High School, the teaching of English from kindergarten, the international acknowledgement and certification starting with the Cambridge International Examinations.

In addition, we ensure information technology updates for all studies as well as the possibility of attaining the ECDL certificate.


The objectives that our school pursues are based on the fundamental principles of a civil society in continuous evolution, characterised by the need to:

  • Follow the speed of social change:
    critical evaluation of change, teaching students to have a critical eye to allow them to absorb the changes that they consider valid.
  • Proposing an open and advanced culture means teaching:
    to know how to listen and not only hear, to take into consideration and respect the point of view of the other.
  • Teaching about information means:
    teaching to develop one’s potential abilities and one’s capacity to develop critical thought.
  • Teaching freedom of thought:
    teaching to uphold one’s position and opinions, whilst remaining sensitive and receptive to the points of view of others.

We thus propose a school that does not just provide education, but offers the children the possibility of learning the most adequate ways of dealing with the difficult social dynamics of life, avoiding the loss of ethical values.



  • Educational trips;
  • Twinning schemes and cultural exchanges;
  • Internships and summer courses abroad in English speaking countries;
  • Language specialisation;
  • Extracurricular courses in Chinese, Arab, Russian;
  • Sports activities F.I.S.A.E. and school Tournaments;
  • Educational excursions;
  • Health project (raise awareness about the problems of alcohol, bullying, gambling, safe driving, first aid …);
  • Internet connection with respect of the correct standards of communication also of social networks;
  • Guidance for post diploma;
  • Support in the choice of Universities abroad.

Connection to the world of work

In the sphere of the school/work alternating programme, considered useful and educational to complement what is learnt at school, we propose experiences in collaboration with local companies and entities such as: Museum Leonardo 3, Assolombarda, Unicredit, Vodafone, Tim, Museum of Science and Technology, Fai, BNL, Vidas, etc..

Services and facilities

  • Support and remedial courses held by the teachers over the school year and during the summer period to prepare for resolving their grade debits;
  • Guided afternoon study for the first two year period of high school and, on request, open also to the students of the following grades;
  • Individual support service;
  • Internal canteen;
  • Bus service;
  • External areas for sports activities on the via Arena premises;
  • All courses are State recognised and exams take place at the School.