Italian culture and the command of foreign languages in a programme with an international scope

The 4 year course is aimed at attaining full command of foreign languages through an international teaching method that emphasises and focuses on comprehension and communication, through a curriculum preparation for the international language certificates in all the languages that are studied.


  • The course to attain the diploma takes four years;
  • The diploma is identical and has the same legal validity as the five-year course;
  • Optimisation of the teaching programme to make the time to organise themed Learning Weeks: study method, public speaking, audio-visual translation, full immersion in the foreign languages with exposure to native speakers, interpretation (in collaboration with the Diplomats Association);
  • Excellent command of the language enhancing the study of subjects and/or parts of them in all the foreign languages that are studied and preparing everyone to attain the B2/C1 certificate on conclusion of the course;
  • A modern education that will ensure a better future in work and/or study after the diploma.


  • Classrooms set up as laboratories, with interactive whiteboard (IWB) and fiber cabling;
  • Computer lab;
  • Digital education and tablet for every student;
  • Multimedia room for meetings, conferences and lessons;
  • Gym and sports equipment.


  • Extensive use of lab and digital teaching, with the use of tablets and electronic books in a fully wired structure with each class organised with IWB, team work and cooperative learning with development of character skills;
  • Experiences of stages, twinning with foreign schools and periods of school-work alternation in the countries of the languages that are being studied;
  • Teaching the languages with the international method: focus on comprehension and communication;
  • Doing part of the school-work alternation (PCTO) abroad;
  • Transmission of soft skills through the teaching of subjects (autonomy, self-esteem and confidence, communication skills, team work, organisational skills);
  • “Problem Solving” to train students to use logic;
  • Teaching of subjects in English and possibility of taking IGCSE exams.


Subjects Four-years
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Italian language and literature 4 4 4 4
Latin 3
English 2nd language 1st  4 4 4 4
Conversation with native English speakers 1 1 1
Foreign language and culture 2nd * 4 4 4 4
Foreign language and culture 3rd Spanish 3 4 4 4 4
History and Geography 3 2
History 2 2
Philosophy 1 2 2
Mathematics/Computer technology 3 3 2 3
Physics 2 2
Natural sciences 1 2 2 2
Art History 2 2 2
Exercise and sports sciences 2 2 2 2
Religion 1 1 1 1
Total 30 30 32 32

* of which one in 1st – 2nd grades with a native French speaker



  • Work placementsù
  • Language internships
  • Theatre workshop
  • Work and study method
  • Social networks and their correct use
  • Project “Enhancement of Excellence”.